About Me

In exactly 268 words :) ... Go ahead count! to validate this React code.


I am a regular guy - married with two grown-up children with a mortgage and bills to pay.

Outside of my regular day job, I established Qeetoto to support various entrepreneurial business initiatives I have had over the years; the most successful of which has been Texas Hedge'Em - an online poker-based gambling game which you can read more about below. I am currently pivoting Qeetoto to support workers in the Gig economy, which I shall post more on later.

On the Gig Economy ... I love speaking to anyone about anything in this space so, if you share this interest, or would like to work together on a project with me or my colleagues, please ping me on LinkedIn and let's chat.

Some history

  • I will populate this if you ping me on LinkedIn

I like

  • Pobbing. Pobbing is a word I coined for doing anything that makes me happy. Fun fact: My daughter thought it was a real word until the age of 17. (Sorry Eleanor!)

Travel / Geography

  • In 1968, Born in Farnborogh, Hampshire, United Kingdom
  • In 1972, Moved to Basildon, Essex, UK. (All though I would not have known as I was only four.)
  • In 1997, Spent a year in Corvalis, Oregon, US. This was part of my year exchange program with University
  • In 2001, Moved to Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, UK.

Fun facts

I dream of

  • Others seeing in me what I see in myself
  • My children living long, fulfilling and happy lives
  • Being finacially indepentent
  • World peace (of course!)

Companies that I admire